Starfish Room

The baby room (starfish) is set within two rooms across the ground floor of the nursery, it has a seperate sleeping area, as well as a large carpeted area for the children to explore the resources. It leads directly into the beautiful garden room, which comprises of floor-based and self-selection toys. This room has direct access to an enclosed garden area with an all weather canopy specifically for the Starfish room. From here the Starfish children can interact with the older children in the large garden. 

Seahorse Room

The toddlers (seahorses) are based upstairs in the nursery which hosts a variety of different areas for the children to explore, such as creative and messy areas and discreet areas to reflect or play quietly, imaginative areas for small world or social play.  It also hosts a free choice selection trolleys full of exiciting resources for the children to explore.  The Seahorse children regularly visit the garden area to extend their learning in an outdoor environment, which has an all-weather canopy with sides, so these children can access outdoor play all year round.

Dolphin Room

The pre-school room (dolphin) is located at the bottom of the garden and is set within two beautiful bespoke cabins, which are interlocked with a covered walkway. The location of the cabin means the children can have direct access to the very large nursery garden. The cabin hosts a well-equipped ICT area with an interactive table, a well set out construction area, where children can use real tools and equipemnt, a calm and cosy book area, along with a whole creative area for exploring a range of media and materials. Between these two cabins enable children to develop within all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  The children have access to the curiosity cabin where they can explore a whole host of wonderous objects.  The children can access the garden and planting area all year round as the garden hosts all weather canopies and shelters.